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    I'd like to keep one table with all the raw data, and one smaller, summarized table. Whenever the raw table is appended to or modified, I want to run code that will summarize the raw table based on a unique key and keep the summarized data in the smaller table.

    So is there an sql command to combine the select statemenet, with a GROUP BY command and to copy the results to a summarized table?
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    You could use two queries to accomplish that.

    Run this first to empty the target table:

    DELETE FROM small_table

    Then run this to insert summarized data from big_table into small_table:

    INSERT INTO small_table (field1, field2, field3, field4) SELECT sum(field1), sum(field2), sum(field3), sum(field4) FROM big_table WHERE some_condition GROUP BY field1, field2 ORDER BY field 3


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