Hi everyone. Im new here and I need some help. Im trying to set up a forum (ikonboard) on a new host. I just changed hosts. I've set up ikonboard before, but haven't had to set up mysql before. My server uses cpanel, so I went into mysql, created a user name, created a database and added my username to that database. Then upon installing ikonboard, I put in the user, pass and database info where it asked and it installed fine.

But, apparently mysql isnt working right. When I try to make a post to test, it errors out. Then I tried to import a previous database, and it errors out saying that I dont have permission to access mysql database.

I'm pretty sure I set up mysql correctly, and I know I installed ikonboard correctly. I'm thinking this has to be something simple.
On my old host I just told the admin that I wanted a mysql database and he emailed me my user/pass and database name, and i just inputted that into the ikonboard setup and everything was fine.

BTW, my machine is a linux machine (redhat 7.3), cPanel and WHM. Ikonboard is version 3.1.2, fresh install. It's a dedicated machine, I have full access including root (although I dont use root to run anything). I have a separate username associated with the account I am trying to run ikonboard from.

Any help is much appreciated, ive been pulling my hair out for 2 weeks on this. Thanks in advance.