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    My Web Host uses MySQL on their server, and my research tells me that MySQL is very powerful and I would like to set up my e-commerce site using MySQL as the backend database. Is this possible? All the shopping cart programs seem to want to use flat-file databases, mostly text files with commas or colons to delineate entries, Or require you to purchase an entire new database program for the server.

    Are there any commercial-grade Shopping Cart Programs out there that use mySQL? If I have to I could teach myself PHP, but is that compatible with Secure Socket Layers(the Standard?) What are my option if I want to set up a shooping cart system with a relational database?

    Any information people have, or possible new directions of travel would be greatly appreciated. Thanx!

    Patrick Rogers
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    To easily access your mysql server, depending
    on your comfort level with client/servers
    and your platform, you can easliy use M$
    Access as a front end if you're stuck in the
    windows world, or complie the mysql client
    on your linux box, or even give kmysql a
    try if you're into kde. (gnome, sorry I
    don't know). There are a myriad of shopping
    cart apps available, but I am mostly familiar
    with un*x/php/perl based carts which, due
    to the blessing of crossplatformability(?!),
    php & perl should run in the windows world
    of nt based hosting.

    Check out freshmeat.com: "cart" came up
    with 22 matches. Although I feel that
    most of these matches are commercial
    grade or better, I'm sure there is someone
    out there ready to take your money.

    Secure socket layers is a server issue,
    it shouldn't affect you at all.

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    At the mo I am buildng a php/mysql shop and wouldnt do it any other way

    If you go here http://www.yearbook.udel.edu/~jeremyf/php/

    there is very simple bit of code to understand that handles the selling of one thing (his yearbook) which you would probably find helpful if you are just starting with php/mysql.
    It has eveything you need.

    good luck
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    There are numerous open source shopping cart programs that uses MySQL database as a backend. Some are as good as the other commercial competitors.

    Here's a short list of some at freshmeat:

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