I am setting up a reservation system.

For some reason I use myISAM tables, and for the insert and updates of reservation and customer data I would like to lock tables. Like this:

LOCK TABLES reservation, cust



UNLOCK TABLES reservation, cust

Never mind about the syntax, it worked, its just to get the idea.

The problem is, when an error occured last time (and it was the first time) in the second insert, the mysql server did not respond anymore for about an hour.. so it got stuck. It gave me some error when I e.g. would perform a select that TABLES NOT LOCKED (sorry, dont remember the exact error message).

When I get this lock tables out of there, everything is fine (except that the error occurs of course, but no hanging).

So.. for the moment I got my 'semi-transaction' out of there.. but.. I would like to get it back in.

Any suggestions on fixing this problem?

I was thinking of making a reservation summary table, so that this locking is not that required anymore.