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    I have a question for the users of phpmyadmin...

    After install of win32-mysql-3.23.21-beta
    and phpmyadmin205, I am able to use it for a while and in that time I change some passwords and users. (throw away 'test'-user, and add passwords to root-user (localhost and %) and so.

    After a while phpmyadmin hangs: It orders me to go 'back'.

    Is it possible that you can not change the root user in phpmyadmin because of the correspondence between its configfile? Or a correspondence with the server (my.ini-file?)

    Anyway even my little phpscript to check, tells me: 'cannot connect'.

    A reinstall of mysql tells me still the same: I am not to connect.

    I suppose the above tells you not enough to solve it, but I do not know how to proceed further anymore.

    Who can help me along...

    ps this is the error which winMySQLadmin1.0 gives:
    c:/mysql/bin/mysqld-opt.exe: Error on delete of '' (Errcode: 2)

    my control script:
    <title>php connect</title>
    $link = mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "m00")
    or die ("Could not connect");
    print ("Connected successfully");
    mysql_close ($link);

    #This File was made using the Winmysqladmin 1.0 Tool
    #7/12/00 3:30:32 PM

    #Uncomment or Add only the keys that you know how works.
    #Read the MySQL Manual for instructions


    #slow query log=#










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    I'm not sure exactly what your problem is, but yes, you cannot change your root password while using phpMyAdmin, because the file contains the password in plaintext, and phpMyAdmin checks that file *every* time you click on a link in phpMyAdmin. However if you change the root password, then exit phpMyAdmin and edit the file with the new password, you should have no problem. Also, you might try connecting with the bind-address IP of instead of 'localhost'.

    I do recommend, however, that for such an important thing as adding users, changing passwords, etc... you learn to use the command-line tools for mysql and mysqladmin. It is very easy to crash mysql if you start messing around with the 'mysql' database in a GUI tool.

    Unfortunately, PHP and MySQL are not as stable under Windows as under Unix. (I believe that's more of a Microsoft thing than a PHP thing) You might have to reinstall PHP also if there is a problem. When you reinstall, it's probably best to completely wipe the directory first.

    I did have PHP with Apache and MySQL running for awhile on a Win95 laptop, but the speed was nowhere near what it is in Unix. I'm sure on an NT server it would be better, but I strongly recommend you try FreeBSD Unix for best results. I find it to be even more stable andfast than Linux. My test server for developing a large e-commerce application was a Pentium 100 with 16 MB Ram, and it ran PHP, Apache, and MySQL flawlessly.

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