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    I'm referring to the article published on www.phpbuilder.com titled "Building Next/Prev Buttons for Query Results". I'm trying to fit the article's suggestions to my own application. Asking only for my own clarification and understanding, are we querying the db/table twice for the same information? Is this the best way? I'm including the code from the article below. Thank you in advance. I hope I haven't offending the author of the article...


    $limit=20; // rows to return
    $numresults=mysql_query("select * from TABLE where YOUR CONDITIONAL HERE order by WHATEVER");
    // next determine if offset has been passed to script, if not use 0
    if (empty($offset)) {
    // get results
    $result=mysql_query("select id,name,phone ".
        "from TABLE where YOUR CONDITIONAL HERE ".
        "order by WHATEVER limit $offset,$limit");
    // now you can display the results returned
    while ($data=mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
        // include code to display results as you see fit
    // next we need to do the links to other results
    if ($offset==1) { // bypass PREV link if offset is 0
        print "<a href="$PHP_SELF?offset=$prevoffset">PREV</a> &nbsp; n";
    // calculate number of pages needing links
    // $pages now contains int of pages needed unless there is a remainder from division
    if ($numrows%$limit) {
        // has remainder so add one page
    for ($i=1;$i<=$pages;$i++) { // loop thru
        print "<a href="$PHP_SELF?offset=$newoffset">$i</a> &nbsp; n";
    // check to see if last page
    if (!(($offset/$limit)==$pages) && $pages!=1) {
        // not last page so give NEXT link
        print "<a href="$PHP_SELF?offset=$newoffset">NEXT</a><p>n";
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    Yes, you'll query twice. Don't worry, selects in MySQL are quick and painless.

    However, instead of the select * from .. to get the number of rows, use select count(*) instead. I was half asleep when I wrote that.

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