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    Let's say I have a list of names and a list of scores. How do I rank these list of names by score? Is it possible to tell somoone that they are tied in 8th place, or could I only count the #of rows theyare ie If they are tied for 8th, but the 11th row listed they'll be listed as 11th?


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    There really isn't any way to account for ties in a ranking using just MySQL. You'll have to pull the records in a query order by the field that you are ranking them on, then use a script to sort thru them to get a ranking allowing for ties. What scripting language are you using?
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    ...but he can ease the proces a lot using MySQL:

    SELECT names FROM table SORT BY score

    Depending on your scripting language, you would now pull an array out of the database containing the names sort by score.
    Then do a loop that stops when it reaches the relavant name and print the iteration number. In php, it would look like this:

    for ($i = 1; $array[$i] != $relavant_name, $i++) {
    echo $relavant_name . " is on the " . $i . "th place.";

    Correct me if I'm wrong...
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    Try something like this to get a sort by scores and look at the COUNT(*) values > 1

    SELECT names, score FROM table GROUP BY score;


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