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    I have MySQL 3.22.xx loaded and running as
    a server. I need to be able to get MySQL to
    execute a large query (such as a summary)
    and then send the results back to MSAccess97
    which will then generate reports from it.

    I have found no way of storing the results of
    a MySQL query - so that Access can get them easily - without having to create a C API to
    do this.

    Does anyone know of a way around this?
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    Assuming your database is located on a Unix system, put your query commands in an external text file, and run the Mysql shell non-interactively (you pipe your commands in, and pipe the putput out), in which case you can pipe the output to any text file you want. For example the following command would be run from the standard command shell, not from the mysql command shell.

    bash$ mysql database_name < script.sql > output.tab

    Then mysql would run the query in script.sql, and output the results to output.tab, which would be delimited by whatever options you choose in your sql script.

    See http://web.mysql.com/Manual_chapter/...ols.html#mysql
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    Thanks, that will work.
    What I was also wondering was once you
    have a file with a set of results from a query, how do you then base another query on them?

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