Hello everyone,

Currently we use MySQL 5.0.51a Community version and I have installed on a Test server MySQL 5.6.12 Advanced Server (Commercial) to test with.

So currently we have a application that logs into a middle tier and validates Users and then the Application logs into the Database using two different users (we will call them) admin_db, and report_ro users.

Now these two users do everything in the database for the application, and I need to first make sure that they work the same in the 5.0.51a and 5.6.12

so doing the following in 5.0.51a

MySQL> show variables like '%CONNECT%';

connect_timeout 5
max_connect_errors 10
max_connections 100
max_user_connection 0

doing the following in the just installed 5.6.12 with no modifiactions at all:

abort_connections 18
connections 21
max_used_connections 2
threads_connected 1

So to allow the application to work the same in 5.0 and 5.6 which variable should I change from the default set in 5.6.12?

is connections the same as max_connections and I should bump it up from 20+1 to 100+1?

max_user_connection is currently set for 0 which means Unlimited in 5.0, what is it's counter part in 5.6.12

Also I know in 5.6 for every connection that is possible, that on startup the system will go out and grab the amount of memory that is allocated per connection. I also know that you can define the memory from 8k up to 256k. What is that variable for 5.6 and what is it in 5.0?