Im in the process of migrating off a really old Fedora Core 3 (32bit) box onto my new server which is running REL 6(x64) im hitting a wall that seems to be related to Perl. The old system ran perl-5.8.0 and and ive managed to get 5.8.9 on the new system. Ive used CPAN to install DBD::Mysql and DBI, but it seems im running into an issue with deprecated functions.

Im getting this error now in my httpd errors log.
Can't locate object method "connect" via package "Mysql" (perhaps you forgot to load "Mysql"?) at (autosplit into auto/MySQLExec/ line 27.
The key here is that its a capital 'M' in mysql.

I stumbled across this as well while doing research
As of March 1998, the Msql and Mysql modules are obsoleted by the DBI drivers DBD::mSQL and DBD::mysql, respectively. You are strongly encouraged to implement new code with the DBI drivers. In fact, Msql and Mysql are currently implemented as emulations on top of the DBI drivers.

My question is, is there a wrapper or pre-parser, or anything that I could install that would still let me run this code and not force me to re-write a bunch of perl scripts?