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    Wondering whether anyone knows how to
    test and debug mysql offline. The mysql is
    running ok, but it requires an active
    Internet connection, which i think is a
    bit of a waste. My environment is apache+win95+php and i'm on a single computer with a dial-up connection.

    I appreciate your responses.
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    Hello Eddie

    I use that combo too, and working properly. I think the answer is as simple as this: Use Navigator instead of IE and put it in online mode.

    I hope it works for you too.
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    Hi all,

    Thanks for your reply Jorgerpo. I'm sorry perhaps i was not specific enough.

    I find that when i'm not connected to the Internet, and i try to log on to MySql as follows, in dos mode:

    ERROR 2005:Unknown MySql Server Host (localhost) (0)

    This error does not appear, if i have an active Internet connection. With an active Internet connection, MySql logs on normally.

    Is there a way to inform MySql that the localhost is ? Or some other method, so that it does not need an active online port.

    Thanks appreciate your responses.
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    rod k
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    Do you have Apache started /before/ you start mysql?
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    Hi all,

    Thanks rod k for your reply. I've tried to launch apache before starting mysql, but still get the same error message.

    Perhaps it's not the browser being netscape or the apache server, it could be a directive
    to mysqladmin. Any ideas?

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    Eric Imboden
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    I had the same problem...I finally figured out that you have to start the mysql client like so:

    > mysql -h -u root

    Hope this works for you.

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    You might want to try looking at the internet settings in contol panel for a section something like 'only dial up when there is no network connection'. I can't remember the exact wording, it's been a while...

    I had this trouble when I ran another machine as a small intranet web server to develop some stuff. Windows wasn't looking on the LAN for it. It seems it doesn't know 127.0.0.* can't exist on the real 'net...
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    Hi all,

    IT WORKED :-)) !!! Eric Imboden and Markdrayton you're FANTASTIC!!!

    I was rather disapointed with the PHP+apache+win95 and in the interim from my first post, i've installed another partition with PHP+apache+Linux and it works well off-line. Though i've gotten it to work only in the text-based Lynx browser, with Netscape there's a problem updating my sis 6326 video driver (but that's Linux).

    Anyhow THANK YOU. The people here and this devshed forum are really cool!



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