Just completed setting up fistcartsql and I can connect to my site store sometimes, other times I receive the errors below. If I hit the browser's reload a couple of times I then get connected - odd that it's not consistantly working or failing - any ideas.

I have webuser@localhost setup in the user table and I've granted insert, update, delete rights while connected to mysql as root. I've also changed the setting so webuser has it's first 5 fields within user set to yes and the remaining set to no - good/bad/correct/wrong????

Connection to the maitenance system for the store works fine with no errors.

mysql version: 7.11 distrib 3.22.26a i686
php version: 3

Database error: Invalid SQL: update fishohead set aid='' where orderid='fish382f209a3f7b4'
MySQL Error: 1044 (Access denied for user: 'webuser@localhost' to database 'fishcart')
Session halted.