I thought this was a farly simple question.
Or is there noone here, in the forum ?


The Basics:
I have installed mysql (3.21.29) on my Win98.
I am using Personal Web Server.
I am using the tool Visual Interdev 6.0.

So I do want to build Active Server Pages (.ASP) with the tool Visual Interdev 6.0 using mysql.

I do think I need the MyODBC (2.50.29) Package to be able to create an ODBC between the database and the .ASP. This package is created for Win95 but should work.
But I am not able to start SETUP for this program, 'initialization list file has been corrupted', after extracting it. Someone seen this problem.

If somebody can help me to get online, back on track, I would be glad. The next project ofcourse is mysql+apache+php.

Best Regards / Ingimar

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