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    my database table has a column "Colour". There you can find different linguistic versions (english, french, german) of the same colour.

    Example: red (german: rot; french: rouge)

    How do I have to write my query string in MYSQL/PHP in order to get the three versions when asking for "red"?

    I have tried the following:

    if ($colour == "") {$colour = '%';}
    if ($colour == "red") {$colour2 = "rot";}
    if ($colour == "red") {$colour3 = "rouge";}

    $sql = "select * from table where (colour like '$colour' or colour like '$colour2' or colour like '$colour3')";

    I always get the answer " No data found..", but there is some data that should be found.

    Please, tell me how to modify this coding to get it run correctly.

    Thank you
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    You can make two tables: colours and languages. In the first you put all the colornames for each color and language. In the second you define the languages.

    Table Colors
    colorID/LangID/ColorName (Primary ColorID, LangID)
    1 1 Red
    1 2 Rood
    1 3 Rot
    1 4 Rouge
    2 1 Blue
    2 2 Blauw

    Table Languages
    LangID/Language (Primary: LangID)
    1 English
    2 Dutch
    3 German
    4 French

    Now to get all the language names for Red (colorID=1):
    select ColorName from Colors where ColorID=1;

    Or you make one table with different language fields, and a row for each color:
    ColorID/EnglishName/DutchName etc.
    1 Red Rood ...

    Then select the row you want:
    Select * from tablename where ColorID=1 (or where EnglishName='Red');

    Just try what suits your needs best.


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    Hi Peter,

    Thank you so much for your help!


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