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    I'm designing a database for the school district I work for with php/mysql which allows teachers to maintain their own class web site which has the following sections. The front page, pretty much a section for a newsletter from the teacher. A student showcase section where they can scan works that the children do and display them on the web. A homework section with current homework so parents can keep up do date on what their children are doing. A useful links section, pretty much a section of links the teacher finds are helpful. Lastly, a calendar section, the one I'm most confused about, where a teacher can keep a class schedule updated.

    Right now, here's how I have everything setup.

    The main database is named teachers. Inside the database, right now every teacher gets 2 tables, username_content, where all the content for their pages is stored.

    username_images, a table with information about images they have stored currently in their image library. The actual images are kept on the web server. This table just has 3 columns, image identifier, image name, image description.

    username_content right now right now has 5 columns. An id column, just a numeric id for the current content, a headline, an image for the post, the content section, and a category column which just tells which section of the web page the content is for.

    I want to make 1 more table for teachers, username_calendar, which will store the calendar, but I'm not sure quite how I should set this up.

    There's one other table, users which just has 3 columns, username, password, and which sections the user has access to.

    Here's my question, is what I'm doing right now bad database design, should I have every teacher use 1 table? I'm new to database design so I'm doing this off of what I think is correct.

    Secondly, how should I setup my calendar table? I'm lost as to how I can set it up. I know this is more of a php/mysql question, but I think it's more related to mysql so I posted it here.

    Thanks for any help which you may provide in advance,

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    i would suggest you to write down all the table names ,field names in a sheet of paper.
    and work it out.that is the easy way to create a very good database system.

    Here you can write some thing like this.

    table names
    1) username_content
    2) username_images
    3) username_calendar
    4) users

    then write down field names for each table:

    1) username_content


    (like this way you can write the fields for all the tables)

    After writing the field names,you may decide the size and type of the fields(eg: varchar(30)).

    Hope this may help you to create your database.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    SR -
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    trahma, I am doing some simular for the local boy scouts but I am going to use a php driven calendar program writen by a 3rd party. This will provide more options than just schdule info stored on a db.

    D. E. L.

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