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    Hey Guys,

    Im using MySQL, and what I want to do is show only the first occurence records with distinct id values. Let me give an example, if I had the following table,

    >create Table products_categories (
    > product_id int ....,
    > category_id int ...,
    > )

    I have two other tables, "products" and "categories" and since a single
    product can belong to multiple categories, I get a side effect when
    displaying all products, in that a single product can be displayed multiple
    times (according to how many different categories it belongs to). For
    example, if product "Apple-Orange juice", which has a product_id 1, belongs
    to Apples category(category_id=3) and Oranges category(category_id=5), this
    will result in two records in the products_categories table, looking like

    "1,3" and "1,5"

    Now when I do a select that needs to gather category, products and
    products_categories fields, I get multiple records with the same
    product_id, so I end up displaying the same product multiple times, when
    instead I only want to display it once. So thus I want to get only one
    occurence each of each distinct product_id. Now, Im solving this problem
    right now via a php script, but was wondering if there was an SQL(or MySQL)
    solution to this problem?

    Thanks everyone,


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    Can you put all of this into one table? I think it would make things easier. If you had a table like this:

    create table products_categories (product text, prod_id int, cat_id int);

    You would have values like this:
    Apple-Orange Juice,1,3
    Apple-Orange Juice,1,5
    Apple Juice,2,3
    Orange Juice,3,5

    Then if you wanted to get all of the products without duplicates that matched a certain category or product id, then you would use:

    SELECT DISTINCT product FROM products_categories WHERE prod_id='1';


    SELECT DISTINCT product FROM products_categories WHERE cat_id='5';

    or, for PHP,

    SELECT DISTINCT product FROM products_categories WHERE prod_id='$your_var';

    Hope this helps at least a little, if not, it's my $0.02..

    ---John Holmes

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