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    I have a transport company and have my web page and MySql hosted on a server. I have sucessfully conected to my MySql via telnet. What I need to know is how do I manage my database (I have an ACCESS database on my PC, can I transfer it to my server) and how would I create a web page that can query the data for a result. (ex. customer would input a tracking number and the result would then be displayed on the web page.) Any help would be much appreciated.

    Robert Zimmerman
    AMPM Transport
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    First you've got to be clear about which way the data's flowing. It sounds like you maintain the data locally with Access and just want users on your website to be able to read that data, not modify it or add to it. If this is the case, then things are relatively simple. If data is being created at both ends then you're going to need a system for synchronising both databases and this is tricky in practice and a bad idea in principle. Keep all your "live" data in one database.

    So what you want to do is export your Access data periodically to MySQL.

    The tool for managing your MySQL database is the telnet client you've already used. Unless of course you want to program a web-based form-type thinggy yourself. You can get graphical MySQL clients for Linux but I've not seen any for Windows.

    And creating a web page to query it... well you're going to have to learn to program a script language that does that. For MySQL most people use Perl or PHP - you've come to the right place. Both do effectively the same thing though in slightly different ways.

    I write Perl but PHP is apparently easier to learn so if you can get the same results with it then that's fine.

    While what you want to do isn't rocket science, at the same time it's not as simple as creating static HTML pages. So if you're thinking in business terms, the simplest, quickest and effectively cheapest way to solve your problem is to hire a Perl/PHP programmer to do it for you. You will find plenty on this site. ;-)

    On the other hand, if you're not in a hurry, like a technical challenge or have far more time than money, go ahead and learn. There are plenty of tutorials online, and lots of good books.
    www.php.net www.perl.com www.mysql.org www.ora.com
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    You actually can export access into mysql..
    Check out a script by cynergi. I dunno if it works or not.. i don't take any responsibility for it.. i just came across it =).. if it works.. do tell.

    And with having a front end for your database, like adrian said above, easiest would be in perl or php.. but i prefer php.. much better.. and easier too =).... but that's just me.


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