I'm from german, so I can't write english verry well!

My problem is the follows:
There are two tables
both with an Column there are inside the same
the first one is a main table with entries like PersonalDB FirstName, LastName, Birthday aso...
the second one is a table "under" the main table with entries like PersonalDB EntryDate, Message, User, timestamp aso...

that means the second table has any entries wich will show if choose one entry from the first table. Understand me?

first table secon table
1. 1.1
2. 1.2
3. 1.3
-- 2.1
-- 2.2
-- 3.1
-- 3.2

Well, I'm looking for a posibility that you can see all entries of the first tables and the youngest data of the second table

first table second table
1. 1.3
2. 2.2
3. 3.2

Understand me? I hope so! And I need YOUR help!
Please help, if you can an send me an email or post your answer behind my posting!

I have used the follow select-statement:

SELECT rma.rmanr, geraet, verlauf.bearbeiter, verlauf.massnahme, verlauf.timestamp, verlauf.status
FROM rma, verlauf
WHERE rma.rmanr=verlauf.rmanr
ORDER BY verlauf.timestamp desc

this is a sort but it is not grouped!
If I grouped this I have got fals datas!
I have to have a statement wich will first order an after this the result has to group!

Thanks a lot!