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    I have a database that is being queried that is working how I want it to work. Now that I want to have my users be able to click on the restaurant name and go to another page that has the specific restaurant information on there - I cant get that to work. It seems to pull the right ID number but I just can't seem to get the referencing down to where it works. Can anyone help?


    Here is the code that works so far:

    $result = mysql_query ("SELECT * FROM restaurants
    WHERE restaurant LIKE '$restaurant%'
    AND city LIKE '$city%'
    ORDER by restaurant

    if ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {

    do {
    $id = $row["id"];
    $restaurant = $row["restaurant"];
    $address1 = $row["address1"];
    $address2 = $row["address2"];
    $city = $row["city"];
    $state = $row["state"];
    $zip = $row["zip"];
    $phone = $row["phone"];
    $fax = $row["fax"];
    $website = $row["website"];
    $cuisine = $row["cuisine"];

    echo ("</span></td><td><span class=hometext><a href=searchdetail.php3?id=$id>");
    echo $restaurant;
    echo ("</a></span></td><td><span class=hometext>");
    echo $address1;
    echo ("</span></td><td><span class=hometext>");
    echo $city;
    echo ("</span></td></tr>");

    } while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result));

    And here is the code from the second page where I just get a blank document:

    $result = mysql_query ("SELECT * FROM restaurants
    WHERE id LIKE '$id'

    $id = $row["id"];
    $restaurant = $row["restaurant"];

    echo ("<tr><td width=150 align=right><span class=hometext><b>ID:</b></span><td><span class=hometext>");
    echo $id;
    echo ("</td></tr><tr><td width=150 align=right><span class=hometext><b>Restaurant:</b></span><td><span class=hometext>");
    echo $restaurant;

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    Hmmm not sure if I got the question right, beggin' your pardon in advance if I didn't
    The problem is how to pass variables from one page to another - the easiest answer is to do a hidden field like this:

    //assume you have your restaurant's name in
    print ("<form method=get action=2.php");
    //all your needed fields and then
    print ("<input type=hidden name=rest value=$rest"> );
    print ("<input type=submit></form>");

    and then when you press on submit

    //since you know for sure the name of
    //variable from the query string which
    //contains restaurant's name you can
    //use parse_str()

    //thats it, now variable $rest contains
    //needed name parsed from the query string.
    print $rest;

    Or if you want a link just do a link to 2.php
    with a parameter:
    <a href="2.php?rest=restname">Link</a>
    and then do same parse.

    Sorry again if I misunderstood the question and wrote things everyone knows for ages.

    Kostya Balashov aka GwynBleidd
    UIN 104918

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