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    Do I enter the following sequence -
    mysql> -uuserid -ppassword
    in the MySQL Monitor? If I am supposed to, then I'm having problems. I can't gain access to begin playing with the database. Also, I have a filemaker pro database. How do I go about importing this into MySQL? Do I set up tables first in MySQL? Help me, please! I'm a novice completely willing to learn. Also, keep in mind (if this has any bearing on your advice), I'm working on a Power mac.
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    mysql -u username -h hostname -ppassword

    This gets you into the mysql> monitor with the access rights you need. Then you can perform your SQL commands.

    Now the explanation:

    -u username is separated by a space
    -h hostname is sometimes necessary depending on how your user access rights are setup. Usually it defaults to 'localhost', in which case you don't need to use it, but if another hostname is required by your MySQL user profile, you need to specify it.
    -ppassword is not separated by a space. You can just use -p, and you will be prompted for a password. The reason for the -ppassword thing is if you want to automate a MySQL action from a shell script or Perl. The reason there is not a space is because after sending the user access info, you can also specify a database, and call a text file that runs SQL commands on that database.

    For example:

    mysql -u username -h hostname -p databasename < textfile.sql

    would prompt you for a password, then run the contents of the textfile as a series of commands on 'databasename'

    mysql -u username -h hostname -ppassword databasename < textfile.sql

    would do the same, but without prompting for the password.

    It doesn't matter what kind of computer you are using to access your ISP, as long as you have a decent Telnet client.

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