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    hai all,

    I am using four tier technology. HTMl-Servlet-Rmi Server - Database. when a user keys in a particular range of code in a html page, these values are passed to a servlet which in turn passes it to the rmi server which retreives data from the database, now the problem is I have to use two oracle databases which are in different locations, i want field1, field 2 from the first database , field 3, field 4 from the second database . i want all these details retreived and have to be shown in a single html table.

    both databases have a commong field engmodel. The values are being retreived from both the databases but these values are not associative, i.e record1 in database 1 should associate to the related record in database 2, but it is not. so can anyone tell me what i should do?

    Any sample code would be helpful
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    You'll be needing to look at the Oracle docs regarding queries across multiple DB's. I'm not sure of exact syntaxes etc., but it'll follow some kind of pattern like:

    SELECT first.field1, second.field2
    FROM db1.table first, db2.table second;

    You'll probably need to have TNS information available for both databases, and you will have to spend some time investigating how to connect across DBs as I don't know offhand exactly how these queries are formulated. You may have to create a connection first and then use it in a query, or you may have to wrap everything up in some PL/SQL (though I'd be surprised if there wasn't a simpler mechanism).

    Basically, this is a question that can only really be answered by the Oracle docs (or someone who has the time and expertise to sit down and discuss it with you -- the docs will most likely be quicker and less painful for all involved). Check out the Oracle Technology Network (http://otn.oracle.com) for all the information you could ever want about Oracle DB's. There are also some newsgroups out there you may like to ask on.

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