Hi All,

I as newbie in MYSql i got the task from my senior ones to change the ft_min_word_length = 1 which is situated in the MY.ini file in windows. i will discuss the wholw scenario,
i have Windows server 2008 R2 installed on my machine with WAMP. i have got an message to set ft_min_word_length to 1.
I have installed MYSql 5.2 and i havnt see my.ini file anywhere.i have seen below files,
i tried to find ft_min_word_length in all above file but didnt see any like that,
what that means i have add this setting by self?
and if i have then where?
i have also the syntax of that which is like:
#set-variable = ft_min_word_length=3
Please help for this this is high priority issue for me .
Plese help me out..

Thank You,
Akshay V