Hi there

I am currently in the very early stages of developing a little application in Java that will connect to a remote MySQL database. I plan for there to be many users initially using a Java app, but depending on how it goes maybe android and IOS apps also.

I have already connected to the remote database with Java, although the database is in a very primitive form at the moment it is almost fully designed.

What I'm looking for is suggestions on books / tutorials to help me get to grips with the MySQL side of things. I have several books but they all seem to focus on one user and one database, where as I want many users to use software that can only access their bit of the database, accessed through loging on via the software. If this project ever goes live security will also be an issue, but I'm not to worried about that side of things just yet

I'm not looking for anyone to do the work for me as this is primarily a little project for me to get to grips with MySQL as I have no experience in it at all, and therefore no experience with Java and MySQL.

I hope that makes sense and that I have posted this message in the correct part of the forum.