I have a text file that I created from an access 2003 database that I would like to import to a MySQL database hosted on a web server. I have created the MySQL database, created the table that is to receive the imported data and set the field parameters.

When I use the phpmyadmin tool to import the text file it all goes OK except for one column which is not importing correctly. The column is formatted as text in the import file using text qualifiers (""") and contains a mixture of values such as "Hd", "ShHd", "3", "5" etc. In MySQL the field format is text with collation of latin1_swedish_ci. The collation was automatically set by the database rather than me specifically selecting it.

The values that contain the fractions such as "3" are being altered during the import to "3?", ie, the fractional part is being replaced with a question mark symbol. Is there a setting that I can update for this field in the MySQL database table that will allow the import to proceed OK?

Any advice most appreciated