Hi all,

Been trying to figure this out for a while whilst learning from scratch.

I have managed to set up a database that is using remote access from vb.net, with the database located on a sever [we have a lot of computers linked to the server and it was necessary].

However, I am struggling to find how to add relationships between tables that have been created using hard-coding. As in the tables have been created through telnet [this was required as the project needed to be more complex].

Data is entered into the table if it is all stored in one table, however this is messy and for normalisation I need to split the database into 3 or 4 tables.

I know you can use wizards etc. to link the tables together i.e. one to many; many to many etc. but you can't do that in telnet when you hard-code.

The first issue is how do I link the tables so that when data is entered the same id [primary key] is used and linked to the other tables. Also how that will be possible through vb.net as data from various text boxes will need to go to separate tables whilst maintaining the same user id.

Apologies for the long reply, but this is the final part of the project, after a tough few months of getting it this far!

Assistance will be appreciated, any questions?