I can't start MySQL 5.5 server even manually from cmd prompt, when I go to /bin folder and run "mysqld.exe --console"

The paths in my.ini file are all correct.

The print screen of the error message is this (I'm sorry it's in Japanese):

The first error message says that the service mysqld.exe will be terminated, sorry for the inconvenience, send or not the report to Microsoft, bla bla..

It sais to press the blue link which I do, then I get the second error message, which is below in the print-screen image.

Then it sais to press the first blue link, for technical information; so then I get the window in the third print-screen.

It's a long text but unfortunately it can't be copied in the clipboard.
It's made a reference to the 'errmsg-utf8.txt' file.

I uploaded the content of this file:

Now, the thing is I can't find any error log file in the MySQL folder (I'm on win XP Pro, Japanese version).
I did a *err* search in the mysql directory; the printscreen is here:

I don't know if it helps with anything, but I uploaded the content of the "mysqld_error.h" here:

and the content of 'errmsg.sys' file here:

What could be the problem...?