Hi All,

Thank you for taking your time to look in to this thread.

I am currently facing an issue when we hit 200 users the localhost that runs the web app, grounds to a halt and in turn the users that are connected also ground to a halt and start to crash.

I have seen that in the my.cnf file I need to make some changes to allow for max_conections etc but wanted to check if there is anything else I should be looking out for/in to?

We are running Mac Lion Server 10.7.5:
CPU - 2 GHz Intel Core i7
Standard network port 10/100

This is running as a web server and only runs this and does not get used for anything else and does not do anything else when it is running.

I just wanted to make sure that this is a hardy enough machine or if we need something a bit more dedicated?

We have just ran in to this issue and not really to sure what the main root cause is.

Thank again for your time!