Help Please....

I am a non technical person and need your Help.

I had a Joomla based website and made a backup with Akeeba Backup Program, which Partitioned the Database (mysql) into smaller parts.

I am trying to reinstall my Joomla website to the new server, but I am failing to do so, while there was one Article (content) which was very big.

The partition of Database, which has that Article (content) is of size 1570 kb (while all other partitions are max 500 kb). My new web server is not letting Akeeba to install it and there is always an error about this one partition and the whole process stops.

Therefore, I want to remove this partition of database. How is it possible?

(I am non-technical person, and I am afraid that I have not even put the situation clear in technical terms).

Could anyone still help me?