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    Which collation is ideal for a multiple-language-supporting database?

    1) Which Collation should I select for a web site database which can receive all languages and characters?

    2) Using phpmyadmin, my General Settings indicate utf8_general_ci. So why, when I create tables, are they latin1 by default?


    Operating system ubuntu 12.04
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    I guess you mean the character set and encoding. The collation only defines the order of characters.

    Whenever you have to deal with non-ASCII characters, you should use the Unicode character set, encoded with UTF-8.

    I have no idea why phpmyadmin suggests Latin-1. This character set is obsolete and shouldn't be used.
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    The collation value that you select under "General Settings" only applies to the database connection that phpMyAdmin uses to connect to the server; it doesn't have anything to do with the default values for creating databases/tables/fields.

    When you go to create a database, table or field, phpMyAdmin uses whatever character set is set as the default at the server, database or table level. latin1 is the default default in MySQL 5, you can change the default at the server level by modifying the configuration file. You can also set a different default at the database or table levels.

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