Hi. Straight up, I'm not a DBA or anything, but I am IT orientated and have some basic MySQL/PHP experience..

I manually created a list of UK number one hits that landed on 11th Nov from 1976 (My birthday) (Took a little while.)

Now I have a small DB with all number ones since Jan 1970 (976 records)
Heres the format:-

Edison Lighthouse,"Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)",31/01/1970,5
Lee Marvin,"Wand'rin' Star",07/03/1970,3
Simon & Garfunkel,"Bridge over Troubled Water",28/03/1970,3
Dana,"All Kinds of Everything",18/04/1970,2

Now what I would like, is to run a query where you enter your DOB, for example 1 June 1980 (01/06/1980), and the data returned is every number one that landed on that day for each year since and including 1980

Out of the data below, which is a snippet, the query would select M*A*S*H*, because the date is the last date, that falls before the next row.. (Make sense?)

M*A*S*H	"Theme from M*A*S*H (Suicide is Painless)"	31/05/1980	3
Don McLean	"Crying"	21/06/1980	3
etc etc etc

I'm not worried if you would like a copy of the DB to play with..

This is a personal project, and certainly isn't a priority, but your hobbyist help would be appreciated!!