I know this question may be similar to some others posted but think it may be slightly different, so hopefully it's ok.

Basically I just reinstalled Windows as I bought a new HD and I am in the process of copying all the MySQL databases back to the new installation dir; however I'm not sure if it's ok to copy all the default MySQL databases back with it? Those being:

* cdcol
* mysql
* performance_schema
* phpmyadmin
* test
* webauth

I assume one of these contain details I want to keep such as info about the users and also other stuff like mysql variables - unless that is found in a MySQL .ini file or something?

I'm not 100% sure but I'm pretty sure I'm still using the same version of MySQL. If it matters I am using XAMPP.

So basically my quesion is can I copy the old folders above over the new ones and what are these folders/databases used for exactly (other than the obvious phpmyadmin folder)?