Hello everyone,

Ok my company for years has been using MySQL 5.0.51a Community version, BUT since they hired me a real DBA with 19+ yrs of experience in Oracle, as well as MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server 2005. Believe it or not I am currently learning SQL Server 2012 that uses it for a reports engine back end. We are even toying with MariaDB as well too.

So currently I have a dedicated DBA Test bed real server to test out migration/upgrade from MySQL 5.0.51a up to either 5.6.12 or 5.6.13 Now we even have purchased a full Oracle support contract from Oracle for MySQL.

So with our customers, they either are Land based or Internal based customers with a MySQL 5.0.51a database. So we need to explore how to upgrade all of these.

Now I have stood up a 5.6.12 database as a fresh install and have exported the objects out of a customer's DB and into the new 5.6.12 database with no problems. Next I have exported out the data, and then imported the same data into the new 5.6.12 DB without any issues. We use mostly INNODB storage engine, and use the UTF8 character set, as well as are light on other structures within the database. Most of our complex work happens in our code external to the database.

So for internal based customers that we host their DBs, this would be the best way to upgrade them. Build a new 5.6.12 DB and export and import into the new. I must say currently we are not Multi Tenant at all, but I have done this work before and will tackle that step next.

Next for the Land based customers, that host their own database in their own data center...I need to do a In Place Upgrade. Now I have set up a 5.0.51a MySQL on the test server with a fresh install of everything...we are Sun Sparc Solaris 10 using Zones.

So I opened a SR with OTN and got the exact Patch we should use in our steps and we are even using their .PKG install....

I must say not a SINGLE Whitepaper procedure has worked as it was written, and only with the aid of my SysAdmin 22 yrs and myself are we able to get these steps to work for the upgrade.

5.0.51a Community upgrade to 5.1.71 Enterprise - success

5.1.71 Enterprise upgrade to 5.5.33 Enterprise - Success

NOTE: after each upgrade step we tested to make sure all worked and that the data was ok as well

Then we are at our current blocker state...

Tried to do the following...

5.5.33 Enterprise upgrade to 5.6.12 Enterprise - failing

Now I even have a severity 3 SR open with OTN, and even though I have listed everything and uploaded all kinds of files to OTN so they can trouble shoot the blocker, some joker from another OTN center somewhere in Asia/India, tells me that our issue is we are trying to upgrade from 5.0 to 5.6 and you can't do that. Now this person has not bothered to read the ticket in it's completeness and failed to see we were at 5.5.33 trying to install the last binary upgrade to 5.6.12

Amazing...but since we have a snapshot before we started the upgrade and I might just roll back to that state of 5.5.33 and just to make sure re-down load the 5.6.12 .PKG again and try to reapply it again. See if we get the same issues again.

I know that I could go to OTN and post there, but I still perfer to post here.