Objective: With the implementation of a one-page checkout for our webpage, our ability to track shopping cart/checkout abandonment has been limited. This switch has lead to changes in checkout URLs, including “hidden” URLs that are attached with each button (shipping selection, credit card vs. PayPal, etc). Our objective is to add these hidden URLs to our checkout funnel in order to successfully track the checkout process and how our customers flow through it.

How: In order to add these hidden URLs to our checkout funnel, we need to add a snippet of code before each button in the coding of our webpage. This will allow us to track the flow of traffic through our checkout page, letting us know where customers are entering and exiting.

Problem: Once We placed the code into the pages the added urls are not being read in the google analytics funnel.I have done some research and I found out that the href tags that I am placing in the ascx pages possibly wont be read because it's not an html file. Has anyone done this before?