Okay I have a very odd error that nobody can figure out. I'm using frames, and I'm trying to send a string through the frames.

<input onclick="window.parent.frames.item(1).location = '<%=forwardLink%>';window.navigate('topbar.aspx?file=<%=forwardFile%>') " type=button value=">" name=Forward>
item(1) is the bottom frame which is recieving a link to a PDF file. That loads up just fine.

topbar.aspx?file=<%=forwardFile%> is recieving a file path name to a PDF file. Here's where it goes wrong. When I response.write that forwardFile variable, I get this result (The correct result):

d:\inetpub\wwwroot\index_server_test\mech\01.Mechanical\1.Index Of Mechanical Standards \Section 1\2C-01.05.pdf

But if you look at what's being sent to the address bar it looks like this:

d:inetpubwwwrootindex_server_testmech.Mechanical.Index Of Mechanical Standards Section 1C-01.07.pdf

All the slashes in the string are being stripped! Does anyone know what's going on?