Hello everyone. I was recommended to this forum from a good friend. Here is my issue in a nutshell.

I have a legacy app that is written in C. It has a Client, a HUB (TCP data transport), and the Server which are all written in legacy C.

I have to turn this monster into a web based application, but in steps. My first step is to tie the two platforms together and to get a proof of concept. So I want to create a web form that will interact with the C program.

Currently there is a legacy ASP/VBSCRIPT effort in place. It uses a VB COM object to interface with some C DLL's at the HUB placement. (Basically a client app COM object.) This COM object is instanciated in the ASP and is working. It uses a MEMORY COPY method and a host of funky arrays to get the job done.

I am hoping to work this differently. I can instanciate the same COM object, but I am wondering if I can speak with the OBJECTS directly via some platform link.

For instance, can I make C# inherit the same C declared objects and therefore get the data directly from the methods? The main issue seems to be the differences between a managed and unmanaged platform.

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to look for a cure to this monster? Which areas should I look to? I ultimaltely would like to have a webservice interact with the SERVER EXE direclty or as close to possible is it can happen.

Thank in advance for you help and guidance!