This code below always grabs the ENTIRE web page. Even if I make the match fail, say by changing the 513 to 513aaaa.

RefPage is a webpage retrieved via: Dim myClient As WebRequest = WebRequest.Create(""

Refpage is what I expect it to be, fyi.

Dim outText As String = RefPage
Dim objRegex As Regex
objRegex = New Regex("<td width=""513"" valign=""top"" align=""left"" bgcolor=""#FFFFFF"">(.*)?</td>", RegexOptions.Singleline)
outText = objRegex.Replace(outText, "$1")

...makes me wonder if I am using Replace correctly... ALL i want it was is what I think should be represented by $1 (the (.*) in my regex).

Any help would be appreciated. If you look at that web page, my goal is to parse out the name and other contact info.