Hi All
I finished reading the (Professional VB.Net 2nd Edition * wrox)
I want to programm my own Messanger, and there is a great example in the book which I would lilke to impreove it (use it as base to start with)
The Example starts in page 787, Chapter 23 (VB.net and the Internet) Sockets.
The problem is this, the server and clients are both in one project, and it sends and receives objects in socket, what I want and what I did was, remove the client to a new project, keeping the classes for object and everything else the same. It works fine if both server and client are in one project, as soon as I make 2 project to spread them, I get a security error.
I have asked for help in many forums, IRC but no luck, if you could kindly help me with this I would greatly appreciate it.