Please bear with me - i am a PHP developer but i have been asked to look at why a .NET application is not running. I am receiving the following error message when visiting the URL via localhost or via the domain name:-

Server Error in '/WS6' Application

This type of page is not served.
Description: The type of page you have requested is not served because it has been explicitly forbidden. The extension '.vbhtml' may be incorrect. Please review the URL below and make sure that it is spelled correctly.

Requested URL: /WS6/s2.vbhtml

So its trying to run a vbhtml file. I have set this up as a standalone website and then as an application of a parent website and i keep receiving that error message. I have also made the following setting changes:-

- Ensured that all users have full access to the WS6 folder;
- Ensured that .NET framework v4.0 - is running. It definitely is as the error page says so at the bottom;
- Under "ASP" i can see that "Script Language" is set to "VBScript" - i believe thats ok;
- Under "Handler Mappings", i can see a whole series of settings for VB - e.g. "vbhtml-integrated-4.0", "vbhtml-ISAPI-4.0_64bit" etc;
- Under "Request Filtering", i have ensured that ".vbhtml" is allowed;
- Under "MIME Types", I have added and enabled the ".vbhtml" and set its MIME type to "application/octet-stream";
- Under "Directory Browsing", i have enabled and disabled it to no avail;
- Under "Default Document", i have added "myfile.vbhtml" and pushed it to the top;

Each time i was stopping the server, starting it back up again and then revisiting the page and every single time i received the same error message.

I have also checked the IIS error logs and i am continually receiving 403 forbidden HTTP error codes.

Can anyone guide me in the right direction please (bearing in mind i don't have a background in .NET)...