I am developing an application in VB.Net with oracle as my database. I am having trouble with my combo box. my goal is to display the county names (display member) to the end users and store county code (value member) in the combo box. When I happen to run the code I get county code in the combo box rather then getting the county names.

I have tried debugging my code and what I have noticed is that the value member and the display member gets assigned the same value.

Can you help me figure out what I am doing wrong??


Dim Connect As OleDbConnection
Dim DA_County As OleDbDataAdapter
Dim DS_County As New DataSet()
Dim DT_County As New DataTable()
Dim gConnectString as String

gConnectString = "Provider=MSDAORA;" & _
"Data Source=dd;" & _
"User ID=dd; " & _
"Password=dd; "

Connect = New OleDbConnection(gConnectString)

DA_County = New OleDbDataAdapter("Select CountyName Name, CountyNo ID from ipt.tblcounty order by CountyName", Connect)
DT_County = DS_County.Tables(0)

cboCty.ValueMember = "ID"
cboCty.DataSource = DT_County
cboCty.DisplayMember = "Name"

Connect = Nothing