I try to build a thread that be able to communicate with a aspx (C#).
Basically, this thread launches a special procedure which can take several minutes. Also, the aspx page refreshes automatically every 5s(meta http-equiv=refresh content="1,qsdf.aspx”) and it shows the status like a progress bar. Currently, I can launch and execute a separate thread in my Web Sessio n. But I could not communicate by event and collection class.

For example. In my main aspx,I create a new instance of my Collection(ArrayList) (private list { set{ Session[“List”] } get{return (LIST)Seesion[“ref”] }}). In my constructor thread, I take this List(ref) to pass like parameter. But apparently my collection has not been modified by my thread when I try to read that in my aspx page.

Could you help me?
Where can I find some documentation about that?

Thank in advance …..

Bye bye

Ps=the thread is saved in the session variable