I've recently been asked to handle a problem a client is having with their website. They currently do not ship internationally, but would like to be able to allow international customers to download PDF files. The problem is that the customer can't get past where she enters her contact info because of the Canadian Postal Code. Essentially, what I'm trying to find is a way to allow customers to order downloadable content only, if they have an international address. Thoughts? Ideas? I've never dealt with this before - and I'm also VERY new to the code.

This is what I've got:

firstTime = OpenObj("ProdObject", "Sales:Prod", objProd)
exam_copy_bool = Request.QueryString("ec")
exam_copy_bool = 1
set altFmtFld = Server.CreateObject("RedBack.RedField")
objProd("pcs").Value = pcs
objProd("country").Value = country
objProd("customerID").Value = Session("custid")       
objProd("listType").Value = listtype
objProd("productID").Value = productid
objProd("custType").Value = Session("mks")
objProd("courseAdoptFlg").Value = objSession("CourseAdoptBool").Value

next_link = "ShoppingCart.asp"
If exam_copy_bool <> "" Then
  next_link = next_link & "?ec=1"
End If

Session("displayedCountryOptions") = 1
Session("displayedCountryOptionsEc") = 1

objProd("useAllPriceSub").Value = "1"
objProd.CallMethod "DisplayDetail"

altFmtFld.StringValue = objProd("altFmtListClean")

print_pmid =""
If objProd("formatCode").Value = "DH" Then
	Response.Redirect "ShoppingCart.asp?action=Add&Type=SB&ProdId=" & productid & "&ec=yes"

End If

If objProd("formatCode").Value = "DG" Then
  For i = 1 to altFmtFld.Count
    if altFmtFld.SubValue(i,3) ="BC" Then print_pmid=altFmtFld.SubValue(i,1)  
'End If
'If objProd("formatCode").Value = "BC" Then
  For i = 1 to altFmtFld.Count
    if altFmtFld.SubValue(i,3) ="DG" Then pdf_pmid=altFmtFld.SubValue(i,1)  
End If

'Response.Write altFmtFld & "- " &  objProd("formatCode").Value
If pdf_pmid = "" Then 
  Session("displayedCountryOptions") = ""
Session("displayedCountryOptionsEc") = ""
  Response.Redirect "ShoppingCart.asp?action=Add&Type=SB&ProdId=" & productid & "&ec=yes"
End If