I ve such a method in one of my classes:

 static public List<String> UserDates()
    XmlNodeList nodelist = xdoc.DocumentElement.ChildNodes;
        if (nodelist.Count != 0)
            foreach (XmlNode outerNode in nodelist)
                String tblDate = outerNode["Date"].InnerText.Trim();
                dateslist.Add(tblDate.Substring(0, 10));
        return dateslist;
This method fetch XML content from PHP script and returns diffrent list of dates depending on time it was called.

Now in Form1.Designer.cs i got:
Everything is fine until i do not start Debugger. When i start and stop debugger the argument of AddRange() is replaced to static list of dates:
 this.toolStripComboBox1.Items.AddRange(new object[] {
So, again i must manually replace AddRange() argument to: MyClass.UserDates().ToArray();

How to resolve this issue?
thx m4ly