I am in a little big kinda problem ! lol ! like always with that (won't say impolites words) program.

        Dim OleDBCommand As New OleDb.OleDbCommand()
        Dim OleDataR As OleDb.OleDbDataReader

        Dim dsDataSetRue As DataSet = frmItems.DataSetRue1.Copy


                    Dim temp1 As String = dsDataSetRue.Tables("rue").Rows.Count
                    AjouterRue(cboRue.Items(iCompteur), nomVille, dsDataSetRue)
                    Dim temp2 As String = dsDataSetRue.Tables("rue").Rows.Count
                        MsgBox("Erreur pendant l'enregistrement des données de la table 'RUE'.", MsgBoxStyle.Exclamation + _
                                                                                MsgBoxStyle.OKOnly, "Gestion des relevés")
                    End Try

                    Dim temp3 As String = frmItems.DataSetRue1.Tables("rue").Rows.Count
                End If
                Dim temp4 As String = dsDataSetRue.Tables("rue").Rows.Count
                Dim temp5 As String = frmItems.DataSetRue1.Tables("rue").Rows.Count
It's look like the OleDbAdapteurRue doesn't do his job there. Doesn't bug or anything, just don't do the update of the dataset.

temp2 and temp4 have the right number of rows in it ! but temp3 have 1 less, so not good.

so what does I am doing wrong ? or may be where could I do something wrong in my program ? there is just soo much code that's it's hard to see. I checked it so many times and have done debug soo many times with f10 etc...
I think am gonna cry if it's continu