Good day Devshed Forums!
I've been reading quite a lot of threads here, and I finally decided to register for good. Atlast!

okay, I'm having a hard time on this "DVD Rental" Program with a button that is labeled "Rent DVD". I'm new in programming, please bare with me.

and the "Rent DVD Button" Contains the following codes:

Private Sub Button1_Click_1(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
Dim i As Integer
Dim rmovie As String
Dim rserial As Integer
Dim rw As DataRow
'Add a new row to the Student table.
rw = Form3.Database2DataSet.Tables(0).NewRow
rmovie = InputBox("Enter Movie Name:")
rserial = InputBox("Enter Serial:")

rw.Item("Movie") = rmovie
rw.Item("Serial") = rserial

'Update the Student table in the testdb database.
i = Form3.Table2TableAdapter.Update(Form3.Database2DataSet)
Catch ex As Exception
End Try
'Displays number of rows updated.


End Sub

-and this seems to be working. This will bring me on the next form with the stuffs that I've entered in the InputBox saved on a database.

My problem is, I want to create a conditional statement (maybe "If then") under a "Return DVD Button" that will provide an input box that will ask values of what DVD I want to return as well as its serial number and then checks if the serial number that I've entered is correct according on the database record.

BUT I have no idea of what codes I will be needing in order to have a conditional statement that will refer its values on the database records.

Is this idea possible? Could you guys help me with the codes that I will be needing, or give me a better idea?

Sorry If I can't provide photos for better reference. This forum wouldn't just allow new users like me to post URL's.

Additional Info: I'm using VS11.