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    VB.NET 2008: Importing Code From a Text File

    Hey everyone,

    I know I'm probably up the creek without a paddle here, but is it at all possible in VB.NET 2008 to import code from a text file? I know it doesn't sound practical, but for a project I'm experimenting with, the code that gets executed all depends on particular options being chosen, and there will be a lot of options to choose from, and the code won't be the same for each.

    If worse comes to worse, I have a couple backup plans to try, but I was just wondering if it's at all possible to write some code in a text file (or other file type if need be), then import that into VB.NET, similar to how it's done when working with HTML and Javascript. I know I'm looking at a long shot here.

    UPDATE: Never mind, I'm pretty sure now this can't be done, at least not easily.
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    It's possible, but not recommended. What you're asking about is an Eval() function, and those are not a good idea for general purpose languages like VB. It's really intended for for sandboxed languages like javascript. In dynamic languages like Ruby or Python, if you use Eval() it's probably a security hole.

    .Net offers two alternatives:

    One is to load a class library (dll) at runtime using Assembly.LoadFile()
    The other is to use a domain specific language.

    Both allow you to load arbitrary code at runtime in safer context.
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    Hello NeoScyther,

    Its possible but not recommended.Actually the main thing is SREAMREADER AND STREAMWRITER which basically helps you to read and write the file.


    Imports System.IO
    Dim FileReader As StreamReader

    then put

    Dim results As DialogResult

    results = OpenFileDialog1.ShowDialog

    If results = DialogResult.OK Then

    'Code to be executed if OK button was clicked


    'Code to be executed if Cancel button was clicked

    End If

    End Sub

    I think it will help you

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