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    9-bit communication issue over serial port

    Hi All,

    I am new to .net. I have to write a code to communicate over a USB to RS485 converter with an Embedded device.
    It requires 9-bit data (8-bit data + 1-bit to indicate Address/Data) and Baud rate of 100 kbps.

    To get 9-bit data, we are using 8-bit with parity configuration. I am using parity.MARK to send 1 and parity.SPACE to send 0. I am able to send the 9-bit data correctly if the parity bit is set while Port open. But if I want to change the parity bit on-the-fly, then some extra bits are send along with 9-bit data. This is causing a lot of issues while communicating.

    Is it possible to change the parity bit after the port is opened?

    Find below the code snippet:
            private void OpenSerialPorts()
                ManagementObjectSearcher searcher = new ManagementObjectSearcher("Select * from WIN32_PnPEntity");
                int iNumDevices = 0;
                foreach (ManagementObject Port in searcher.Get())
                    string a = (string)Port.GetPropertyValue("Name");
                    if (a.IndexOf("USB") > -1 && a.Contains("COM"))
                        iNumDevices = iNumDevices + 1;
                        int iPos1 = a.IndexOf("(") + 1;
                        int iPos2 = a.IndexOf(")");
                        string strCOMPort = a.Substring(iPos1, (iPos2 - iPos1));
                        SerialPort _serialPort = new SerialPort(strCOMPort, 9600, Parity.Space, 8, StopBits.One);
                        _serialPort.Open();				// Opened the port with parity as Space
                        Byte[] Command = new Byte[2];
                        Command[0] = 0x55;
                        Command[1] = 0x57;
                        if (_serialPort.IsOpen)
                            _serialPort.Write(Command, 0, 1);		 
                            //_serialPort.Write(Command, 1, 1);
                        _serialPort = null;
                        SerialPort _serialport1 = new SerialPort(strCOMPort, 9600, Parity.Mark, 8, StopBits.One);
                        _serialport1.Open();	// Opened the port with parity as Mark
                        _serialport1.Write(Command, 1, 1);
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    Dude... I don't think it works that way.

    Serial ports are designed to transmit 8 bits at a time (serially). The PARITY bit (set to odd or even) is used as a type of error checking. It does not contain data. The port itself sets that, I believe.

    You'd have to write your own serial *driver* to do it differently. That is to manipulate the hardware at the hardware level. If you're using anything by the OS, it's not going to let you do that.

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