Hello Everyone,

I am looking for opinions about a web application platform to choose when considering to build an online application that has some order customization capability.
To see exactly what I am aiming for go to google and search for customink. You will see how you can first pick a product (t-shirt) then go to pick a color and then you can "begin designing" it. This is what I am looking for...

What do you think this app was built on?
I work for a firm where our developers are building the core site on ASP.NET and customink looks really similar to what we have.

I need to build a very similar application where the visitors will have the ability of first choosing a product (a t-shirt for example) and then have the ability of first picking a parameter (like a color) and then customize it further by having the ability of uploading their own image to be printed on that t-shirt.

Then the completed order gets billed through the shopping cart and if successful then store that order in the database.

I am wondering if ASP.NET has any content management systems that will allow me to easily build a core and then let me have the ability of adding an image manipulation module into it.

The easier the better

Thanks in advance for you help!