I'm looking for an example or tutorial on how to accomplish a specific task. I want to stream through an existing website, it uses flash. My capture device doesn't work through the flash app, though it does appear in the settings. This seems to be a common problem with users of the site, it's touchy.

What I would like to do is similar to manycam, where it allows a user to select a region of the desktop, and then "Manycam" is selected on the site's flash settings. I would like a more direct method. First I would like to capture the video from the physical device, and display in a window. Then I would like to be able to select my app in the flash settings (like manycam), where instead of streaming a desktop region, it will display the video contents in my window. As an alternative, I wouldn't mind using a 3rd party capture application, and then just telling my app to stream the contents of the window handle that I specify. I've taken screenshots of just specific window contents, but have no idea how to capture the window, and then allow it to stream via a website's flash settings. I need to select my application as a virtual capture device. The desktop region capture works, but i want to be able to minimize the window that i'm capturing. Preferred source is vb.net.

Thank in advance