I am pulling values from dbase and putting them into combo box.

What i would like to know, is how to format the values before putting them into the combo box.

I want to format fdate (which is datevalue) before it goes into the combo box. I suppose I'm looking for something similar to the ASP version of...... RecordSet("fdate") Thanks in advance.

Below is extract of code:

Dim DS_dates As New DataSet()
Dim lastDCmd = New OleDbDataAdapter("SELECT DISTINCT fdate from tblSchedule ORDER by fdate desc", myConn)
lastDCmd.Fill(DS_dates, "DT_dates")
cmb_date.DataSource = DS_dates.Tables("DT_dates")
Dim theDate As DateTime

cmb_date.DisplayMember = "fdate"
cmb_date.ValueMember = "fdate"