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    50minutes to transfer 2GB on wireless network ... too much?

    Hello, I was wondering are 50minutes to transfer 2GB of data on a wireless network (from one computer to another) too much? If so, does anyone know what might be wrong with my wireless network?
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    First of all, what is the speed of your slowest connection? It's likely one of the (two) wireless connections. Unless you're doing an ad-hoc network direct between the two.

    Next, let's look at what speed you really got by working backwards.
    50 min = 3,000 seconds
    2,048 MB / 3,000 s = .682 MBps
    .682 MBps * 8 bits = 5.46 Mbps
    Add about a 25% increase for overhead = 7.28 Mbps

    For wireless operating with an 11 Mbps link in the mix this isn't too bad. Consider you don't ever want to consume 100% of your connection or else you'd never be able to load two things at once. If you have a much faster wireless connection (54 Mbps for example) all around you may want to check other factors like signal strength, distance from wireless router, ambient noise, etc.

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    • sim085 agrees : Thanks for the detailed explanation. I will check wireless connection speed as well ...
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